The Town Hall recreation program, run by the county, has recently been loudly criticized by residents of County Service Area 36 (Idyllwild and Fern Valley) for not being responsive to resident interests and for not disclosing how CSA 36 tax dollars are specifically being used to fund recreation.

In response to complaints, 3rd District Supv. Chuck Washington agreed to reconstitute the CSA 36 Advisory Council, giving residents a chance to have regular public meetings with a locally constituted council to review finances and policies governing local recreation.

In the past, when the council met regularly, county representatives were required to give residents regular financial and informational reports about tax-funded local recreation programs and street lamps. Residents also could request changes in programs and formats.

Even though the decision to reconstitute the council was posted on Thursday, Nov. 5, in the Town Crier and elsewhere, only one application has been received to date. The council has five vacancies.

Should no more applications be received by end of day Wednesday, Dec. 30, CSA 36 residents will have lost their opportunity for review and comment on community recreation.

Interested CSA residents or business owners within the CSA 36 boundaries should contact Opal Hellweg at 951-955-1030 or download applications at

Said Hellweg, “The Idyllwild CSA 36 council members will advise the supervisor’s office and make recommendations concerning recreation and street lights.”


  1. The article says to download an application at the Supervisor’s site, but I have searched the site manually and through the embedded search engine and find no evidence of an application. Do you have a more direct link?