Each year, Santa allows the Town Crier to publish local kids’ letters on their way to the North Pole. Here’s this year’s crop of Christmas correspondence:

Dear Santa,

I would like a singing Elsa doll for Christmas this year. Merry Christmas. kinsey

Love, Kinsey

Dear Santa and Mrs. Claus,

We have been good listeners and helpers at Lil’ Critters PreSchool. Here is what we would like for Christmas.

- Lil Critters PreSchoolers

Kayden-3-1/2 yrs old- Light up scooter, light up playhouse and flashing flash lights.

Graecie-4 yrs. old- I want glass slippers for me. I want a dres and a little Elsa doll and little Elsa castle.

Evy-4 yrs. old- I would like a sparkly castle for my princesses. I would like Jasmine with a dress and a santa toy. I want a lot of toys. I like light bulbs and presents and that’s all of it. Oh yeah I would like sunglasses that’s all of it.

Caden-4 yrs. old- I want Teacher Heather because I love you. I want a light sabre a red one. I want a lot of light sabres. I want a polar express train like up there (Teacher Kathy’s)

Ruby-4 yrs. old- Uhh a new bike. Uhh a new computer because my computer doesn’t work when I push the button. I would like my vanity all colored up to be a new one.

Kayson-3 yrs. old- I want a green ribbon, a star and an owl toy. And one more thing a puppy that doesn’t bite.

Beau-3 yrs. old- A racing car and a paw patrol. I want T.V. and a toy kitchen, and a car helmet and a table.

Victoria- I don’t know. I’m 2. Umm toys. Umm a water bottle. Presents.

Piper-4 yrs. old- I want some books. Maybe Elsa toys. Maybe a bike. Maybe some purses from Santa..

Makai-3 yrs. old- I would like dragons. Dragons with boys and girls okay. I want a present. Umm ninja socks for my ninja shoes.

Luke-4 yrs. old-I want a trampoline. I want a choo choo train for JudeThen my sister wants earrings for her ears. That’s all.

Cade-4 yrs. old- Remote control skateboards. And blaze pajamas and paw patrol pajamas. That’s all.

Miles-4 yrs. old- Umm a toy tractor and a toy bucket. I also like a new shirt and I l ike a new ball. That’s all.

Cece-4 yrs.-A yoyo, a Lego castle, a little boy Barbie, American Girl doll, a Elsa and Anna watch. Just Elsa nightgown to match Lucy.

Ethan-4 yrs.- Toys. I just want toys.

Talon-4-1/2 yrs. old- A Spiderman toy. Fire truck with ladder.

Violet-4-1/2 yrs. old- A bike. That’s Enough. I’m going to get more presents anyway from Mommy.

P.S.- Please remember a gift for Brianna, baby Oliver and baby Owen too! Thank You! Merry Christmas! Teacher Kathy, Teacher Heather and Lil Critters Preschool

Dear Santa,

I want a rip stick for Christmas this year!

Love Griffin

Merry Christmas

Dear Santa,

How are you, Mrs. Claus, elves, and reindeer doing? I’m fine. For Christmas I want Calico Critters. We left you cookies and chocolate milk and for the reindeer some carrots. Have a very merry Christmas!lyliann

Love, Lyliann Johnston


Santa Claus is coming to town!

Dear: Santa

I want calico critters for Christmas. I am going to leeve some chocolate milk and cookies. And say hi to the reindeer for me. Merry Christmas Santa! And I’m going to leeve some carrots for the reindeer. kaelynn

Love: Kaelynn


Dear Santa,

My name is Jens. I am 5 1/2  years old. I live in Idyllwild, California. Your reindeer would like the forest here. This year, I have been a good boy sometimes. I think I deserve a blue L. claw crane. I promise to leave you cookies and milk.

Love, Jens

Dear Santa,

This Christmas, I am 2 years old. This year, I have been naughty (but nice!) What I would like most for Christmas is... skateboard and blueberry candy. And I promis to leave out cookies for you! Merry Christmas Santa!

Love, Kimi

P.S. Please “Hi” to Frosty for me!




Dear Santa,

I realy want an X box 360. Other wise get me  a lego set. If you do get a X box 360 then get some games too, This is a list of games I want. First, I want Minecraft, Call of Duty (any kind), Watch Dogs, lego Dimentions, and the lego Hobbit.

Sincerely, Carter

Dear Santy,

Hello, my nameis Natalie E. Grove. I want a bunch of things like a the doll house at Cosco I think it was called “The Far Away Dreamhouse.” I would also like to be surprized. Thank You!natalie

P.S. Be Safe! And tell Prancer to stop fighting with Bixon.

Sincerely, Natalie


Dear, Santy Claus

I know this is alot to ask but I want a modercycle I want it because my sister has her own. Also I want a new light up deer they are really cool I also want a nice hug from you Santy Claus. Bye Bye! Santa Claus!

Love, Hannah

Dear Santa I would like...

1. kitty

2. kitty cage

3. bows

4. hats

5. skateboard

6. computer

7. phone

8. hoverboard

9. x-box 360

10. makeup box with makeup

Love, Evey

Dear Santa,

My name is Kilo Reynosa, thank you for getting me awesome presents and bringing joy and gifts to children all over the world, this Christmas I would like a Tablet Mini, and please get my baby 1 year old sister Inanna a baby kitten if that’s not to much to ask.

Thank you, Kilo

Dear Santa,

My name is Mecino thank you for getting me all the presents that I asked for every year, this year want a NINTENDO 3DS XL.

Thank you, Mecino