Fuller Mill Creek camping in 1917.File Photo
Fuller Mill Creek camping in 1917. File Photo

65 years ago - 1951

The Department of Fish and Game released a flock of 28 Mexican Bronze wild turkeys. The intent was to establish a plentiful enough  population to permit hunting in local forests.

60 years ago - 1956

A group of green thumbers met at Hazel Wright’s home to form the Idyllwild Garden Club. Mrs. Wright was elected the club’s first president.

55 years ago - 1961

Because it had been the driest winter on record, the Idyllwild County Water District instituted water rationing. Hard hit were local parks and campgrounds, which had lower priority than private residences. The State Park was installing pit toilets and Idyllwild County Park closed, with plans to reopen as a dry camp.

50 years ago - 1966

How America planned to carry three men safely to the moon and back was the topic of a presentation at the Desert Sun School. The Town Crier co-sponsored the event where Apollo project spokesmen discussed the mission.

45 years ago - 1971

Members of American Legion Post 800 were remodeling the old Kiwanis Club lodge on Marian View Drive that the Post had recently purchased. The building was built in 1929.

40 years ago - 1976

Members of the local congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses cleared land and prepared the site for their new church on upper Pine Crest. Building of the church was expected to take three months.

35 years ago - 1981

The Izaac Walton League, headed by President Ernie Maxwell, opened Idyllwild’s first recycling center at Town Hall.

30 years ago - 1986

A mountain lion, believed to be responsible for killing three dogs and injuring another since March 5, was killed 300 yards from a home on Deerfoot Lane.

25 years ago - 1991

A grand opening celebration was held for La Casita Mexican Restaurant.

20 years ago - 1996

A Town Crier headline read, “Hill gas prices on the rise: no end in sight.” The price for a gallon of 87 octane gasoline was $1.59 at the Shell and $1.61 at the Chevron stations.

15 years ago - 2001

The Mountain Quilters Guild of Idyllwild started a Junior Quilters program at Idyllwild School.

10 years ago - 2006

After 30 years of serving Idyllwild Post Office customers, postal clerk Mary Arnaiz retired.

5 years ago - 2011

Once again, journalist peers honored the Idyllwild Town Crier. Its quality and professional work were recognized in the California Newspaper Publishers Association’s 2010 Better Newspaper Contest.

1 year ago - 2015

The Idyllwild Fire Protection District Finance Committee was exploring options to place a parcel fee increase on the ballot in the fall.