Late last month, a Riverside County grand jury report raised concerns over the how the county’s Registrar of Voters manages polling places. After observing operations at several polling places during the November 2015 election and reviewing voting material, the grand jury released its report at the end of April. The Registrar of Voters has until July 26 to respond to the report.

Concerns include the accuracy of the polling sites’ addresses. For three out of seven sites, the material distributed with their location had an incorrect address.

The grand jury also felt the training for poll workers was occasionally inadequate and inconsistent.

Other issues the grand jury referred to the registrar for comment and correction included the accessibility kit, security seals and accessible voting units.

For example, in one precinct the accessible voting unit, which provides audio for voters with visual problems, was still in storage.

The report recommended that the poll workers assigned to sites have different levels of experience to ensure that not all the workers at some sites are inexperienced. It also recommended improved training for configuring polling equipment.

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