Last week in “The Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats welcomed two new felines to the cattery.


Leia: We are happy you were discovered in time and that you’re with us now.

Bobbie: Yeah. It’s pretty darned nice here. You’re going to love it, but not as much as a forever home.

Leia: Where’s Olivia? I thought she’d be right here with our new friends.

Bill: Lucky Olivia finally got her wish. She is in a forever home, and guess who she’s with! Sky! Remember Sky?

Leia: That’s awesome! I bet they were happy to see each other again.


Bobbie: And if you haven’t already noticed, it’s quieter because all the kittens are gone to forever homes. Leia 2

Leia: I heard that Snickers and Skittles went together with a very nice family.

Bill: I guess we just need to be patient and wait for our turns.

Ginger: How long will we have to wait for our homes?

Bobbie: We don’t really know. If someone comes in looking for a beautiful, shy cat, you might be picked.

Ginger: Oh, I hope I won’t be too shy to meet the humans who come to visit.


Maryann: I know I won’t. I’ll be the first one to the door to greet them.

Bobbie: Only if you beat me. I’m kind of the official greeter here.

Bill: But nobody’s going to be visited next weekend. All of our ARF humans will be at the ARF beer festival. I hear it’s going to be great.

Leia: Lots of beer, music, and all to raise money to take care of us and other pets who find their way to ARF.

Ginger: I guess that’s a good reason for the ARF House to be closed on June 4.

Will the ARF humans raise enough funds at the beer festival? Be sure to keep up with the animal antics of “The Days of our Nine Lives” each week. And please stop in to say hello to the entire adoptable cast at the ARF House, 26890 Hwy. 243, on Saturdays 10-4 and Sundays 10-2, or by appointment M-F by calling 951-659-1122.

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