1. Looking at the latest Town crier I see something completely wrong. The reason for a sheriff had nothing to do with Jp, maybe a tiny bit it was Jeff Smith. Jeff Smith came into the IWD office unhinged a month or so ago and the sheriffs department was called. After talking to Smith the sheriffs department recommended having a sheriff present at the meetings. Also in the paper it was said the the financials of the water district were getting much better in the last four or five years which proves how well the board directed to water District. Remember this and look in four to five years from now and see where they stand. Answers given by the possible new Directors sound like a lot of money is to be spent on others from the outside telling them what they need. Answers to the weak questions to the maybe new Directors we’re very weak. So you Idyllwild customers you better get more interested on what is going on especially if you believe in climate change and someone on the outside telling the water district what they need to do. Good Luck!
    Again I told you last week why I left the district in letter to the editor not the reason they said today in this weeks paper.
    Michael Freitas
    Idyllwild customer