In the Aug. 4 paper, contained within a letter to the editor titled “Services offered to IWD,” Dr. Jim Gates offers himself out as a T5 water-treatment operator and long-time educator in this field.

Regardless of licensed field within California — whether it be a paramedic, attorney, educator, physician, engineer, architect, roofer, painter, water-treatment operator or any other field requiring licensing within the state, it is not acceptable to hold yourself out as a licensed individual qualified to practice within the state if you don’t hold that license.

It is not acceptable to argue possession of extensive knowledge within the field and licensing being just a formality or overlooked/maintained process.

In fact, I have seen this problem across several fields including those who claim to be qualified water operators more than I care to mention within Idyllwild.

Now to the point. I cannot find Dr. Jim Gates within the water treatment operator licenses database found at www.waterboards.ca.gov/drinking_water/certlic/occupations/documents/opcert/treat_oper_a_l.pdf. It’s a character flaw that cannot can not be mitigated with an apology simply because the proffered services establish linkages to regulatory oversight with serious penalties for those who depend upon them.

Jeff Smith

Pine Cove