An Idyllwild man has pleaded guilty to inflicting corporal injury with a prior conviction within seven years. The charge is enhanced because the crime was committed while Shawn Gooch, 37, was technically on bail for a previous identical charge.

Judge Mark Mandio will sentence Gooch on Jan. 20. He is expected to enroll and successfully complete a residential substance abuse treatment program before the judge rules.

Without completing the substance abuse program, Gooch potentially risks receiving a sentence of at least four years behind bars. If he completes the program, the judge may grant probation for the term of the sentence.

The incident occurred on Sept. 30 and involved a woman. Gooch was arrested on Nov. 4 and pleaded guilty in court on Nov. 22. The guilty plea included admission that he violated a court order to prevent domestic violence and was awaiting sentencing on a similar charge in May.