To: Santa

I love Santa.

May I please have a Frozen Tea Party.

Emily Jones

Dear Santa

I’ve been a very good boy and I’m doing well in school. I want  new mittens, vr gogles for ps4, golden p24 controller.. A. great game to go with vr. Demolisher, Ice Centurion Blaster, Doomlands Double Dealer blaster Doomlands vagabond blaster

love, ZANE

Dear Santa,


I would like BMX   Or a Hoverboard for Christmas. You choose? Have yourself a merry little Christmas and a happy new year.

Age 8 Love,


Dear Santa,

I would like a singing Anna doll for Christmas.  Is Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer a baby?   I would also like a singing Cinderella doll.  I love you Santa because you bring us toys.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Kinsey from Idyllwild

Age 3









Dear Santa,

I hope you, the reindeers, Mrs. Claus, and the elves are fine...I am. I hope you have a safe trip around the world. I am going to leave chocolate milk and cookies for you on the table. I don’t know what I want for Christmas. I like Leopard print, to read, to draw, dolphings, and, puppiess. Love,

Kaelynn 2016

Dear Santa,

for xmass I would like you to get me a hufflepuff robe. Also I would like a   golden  snitch.Then I would like rememballand last I would   like a broom-stick



Parker & Owen Woods


Dear Santa and Mrs. Claus,

We have been very good boys and girls at Lil’ Critters Preschool. We have our Christmas wish list for you. Please give the reindeer extra carrots to make it to Idyllwild and Pine Cove.

Thank you,

Love, Lil Critters, Teacher Kathy + Teacher Heather


Kinsey, 4yrs - “A singing Anna doll. I already told him. A toy elf, but not a real one.”

Gavin, 2yrs - “ I want a train. I want ice cream.”

Juniper, 4yrs. - “I want Elsa, Anna + Olaf and a Frozen Tea Party and it comes with Elsa, Anna and Olaf.”

Harper, 3yrs - “I would maybe like a stuffed animal, and some new snow boots, and a snuggle puppy that licks and snuggles and all of that stuff.”

Beau, 4yrs. - “Rusty’s race car. I want, hmmm, remote control cars because mine run out of batteries. I want a toy Santa’s Workshop so I can work in there.”

Oliver, 1 year old - Oliver is a happy baby. He likes to dance to music, play with electronic toys, and build things. He also likes to hug stuffed animals.

Chaz Levitt, 3yrs - “I want a basketball and a baseball. That’s what I want.”

Emily, 3yrs - “I want a Frozen Tea Party. I already asked Santa for it. A princess juice bottle, and a pink pen my Mommy can write a letter for it. I don’t have a sparkly marker.”

Isaiah, 4yrs - “A torch gun and new Star Wars black shoes that light up.”

Danielle, 4yrs - “I want Elsa and Anna the dolls, a tea party, and a water bottle with Elsa and Anna. That’s gonna be great!”

to: Santa Claus

LOVE: Lyliann

December 11, 2016

Dear Santa,

How are you, Mrs. Claus, reindeer, and the elves doing? I’m fine. All I want for Christmas is a face painting set. Not with all the colors, but just with a lot of popular colors, + sparkles . Thank you for what you give me. Have a safe trip. I’ll leave you some goodies!Love,


Your the Best Santa Ever!