The United States of America is a country formed by civil unrest, so the division this country is currently experiencing should not be unexpected. In a letter to the editor last week, someone placed the blame of today’s unrest and division on those who dare to challenge the “majority,” in this case the “majority” who elected the president.

History lesson: Civil unrest is the impetus of change and evolution in a country, in particular, our country. Do any of these movements, which created the landscape of America, ring a bell?

• Tax reform, beginning with the Boston Tea Party

• The American Revolution, which gave us our Declaration of Independence

• The Abolition Movement

• Women’s Rights Movement

• Labor Movement (fair workplace practices and protection)

• Civil Rights Movement (Civil Rights Act of 1964)

• Gay Rights

The United States has continually, on one level or another, been divided. But that is what democracy is all about. Democracy gives citizens the right to stand and fight for their beliefs. Working for change is not always pretty, but someone has to do it.

To expect the minority to give it up and march in step with the rest is frightening. Again, take a lesson from history; that time in Europe when falling into step spurred a worldwide demonstration. Those who fail to remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Elaine Bacher