There is but one God for all of us. So why are there so many religions? Since the beginning of time, the stronger ones taught the weaker ones.

Look at us now. We are still doing the same. America, you have never experienced the loss of your country. I have. It hurts beyond description.

I feel for the Israelis. They are under attack and fear everyday. What a life. They deserve to have a country to call home.

Yes, there are always two sides to a story. How can this hatred in the Middle East be undone? Not with guns, but by bringing up children to respect and understand others.

Love, not hate, will move mountains. Communicate. Help each other. We all bleed the same. Good words and sincerity are healing instead of teaching to kill.

Think good thoughts. They will help you and others.

Shalom (peace). What a beautiful word. Say it and mean it.

Gisela Stearns