(The following is from a Caltrans press release.)

The California Department of Transportation continues repairing Highway 243 near Poppet Flats after finishing repairing a sinkhole at Deadman’s Curve in Pine Cove, June 29.

Water runoff from snow and rain this past winter damaged a culvert and eroded slopes along the highway. Caltrans’ director issued a $1.5 million order to secure permits with local agencies to make repairs earlier this year.

Work began Monday, July 10, and continues to Friday ,  July 28, with  24-hour, one-way traffic control with a signal. The location is 1 mile north of Hurley Flats Road between mile-post markers 19.6 and 19.7.

Work continues at several other locations on Highway 243, too.

Caltrans will continue to monitor traffic queues to avoid any major impacts to the traveling public. Caltrans urges motorists to plan ahead and, if possible, adjust schedules to avoid traffic delays. Reduce your speed in the construction zones and follow any commands given by California Highway Patrol or the road workers.

Weather permitting, the Highway 243 project is expected to be completed by this coming September. Follow Caltrans on Twitter @caltrans8 or go to caltrans8.info for road work alerts. Monitor traffic with Caltrans Quickmap at http://quickmap.dot.ca.gov/.