Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats said goodbye to Cheerio and two puppies, then hello to Sassy.


Little Girl:  Well, that was a quiet weekend!

Sassy: Maybe for you, but I got to take another walk in town on Sunday.  It was so much fun!

Anabel: I heard that you are quite the friendly dog. You’re very happy. from what I see.


Sassy: I am very, very happy. I just love to get into a loving human’s lap, too. I will be such a wonderful member of a forever family. I hope I’m adopted soon.

Batman: Me, too! You guys are great, but being here in the cattery just isn’t the same as being with a forever family.


Zorro: You know Batman, you and I are just kittens. I cannot believe someone hasn’t snapped us up already.

Trenton: The same with Augusta and me. What the heck? We’re awfully adorable little kittens! And I hear if two kittens are adopted together, we are at a discounted adoption fee. Win-win!

Sassy: You really are adorable.

Indigo: OK, so kittens are adorable, but we adult cats are confident and loving. That’s pretty darned good, too.


George: Take me, for instance.  I’m low energy and very relaxed.  And Little Girl, you would be the perfect companion for a single person or a quiet couple.

Little Girl:  As long as there is someone to give me lots of attention (and no dogs or other cats), I’ll be in heaven.

Sassy: You cats are cool. I hope people get in here this weekend to meet you.

Augusta:  And you, too, Sassy.

Sassy: I’ll be here at the ARF House Saturday and Sunday if I don’t have a volunteer walking me in town. I’ll do my best to impress.

Augusta:  All Trenton and I have to do is be ourselves, and that’s pretty darned impressive, or at least it’s cute.

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