So far, eight businesses have acquired Town Crier Memberships: Baily Winery; The Family Business (tax preparation); Fern Valley Inn; Idyllwild Backhoe; Idyllwild Vacation Rentals; Middle Ridge Inc. (winery & art gallery); Sandlin & Son Refrigeration; and Sub Rosa Apothecary.

Also, three nonprofit organizations have joined as Members: Idyllwild Arts Academy; Friends of San Jacinto Mountain County Parks; and St. Hugh’s Episcopal Church.

And The Red Kettle is the first business making special discount offers to all Town Crier Members.

Town Crier business advertising has begun to pick up somewhat, too. We very much appreciate the contributions all these businesses and nonprofits are making toward keeping a real newspaper on our Hill. Please remember to support these business and organizations that are supporting your community newspaper.

Meanwhile, readers of the Town Crier on and off the Hill are converting their old subscriptions into new Memberships. This can be done at any time; no need to wait until your old subscription runs out. Becky is adept at tacking on remaining subscription weeks onto new Membership dates, so you will lose nothing.

You will gain uninterrupted, continued subscriptions to both printed and online issues of the Town Crier, our “Idyllwild Town Crier Member” car-window decal, designed to be displayed on the “inside” of the window to encourage others to join us, in-print recognition of your Membership in the Town Crier (unless you request anonymity, which we kind of hope you don’t since your Membership will encourage your friends and associates to join also), occasional offers from local businesses (see the current offer by the Red Kettle in the following paragraph), invitations to what we hope will be an annual Town Crier Membership Party, and — most important of all — the satisfaction of knowing you are doing your part to save and support a real newspaper on our Hill.

If you have received a Red Kettle card from us in the mail, you are eligible for special discounts at that restaurant.

If you wish your business to participate in the Town Crier Membership special offers program, as The Red Kettle is doing, please contact Jack or Becky at the Town Crier office.

The Town Crier now is a Member-supported newspaper that can serve our community into the future just as long as the Members want it. That is the objective.

Many thanks to all you Charter Members. Your responses are encouraging other community-minded readers to join with you.

Idyllwild Town Crier
Charter Members

Saving and Supporting the Town Crier
for our Community

(249 Charter Members as of Oct. 31, 2017) 

Angels (4) — Other amount, unlimited above $1,000 annually: Nancy Borchers $2,000; Kathy & Tom Kluzak $1,250; Sub Rosa Apothecary (Julia Meadows & Marc Peterman) $1,200; (1) Anonymous $2,500.

Heroes (4) — $1,000 annually: Anne & Barnaby Finch; Charles “Chic” Fojtik; Janice Lyle; (1) Anonymous $1,000.

Patrons (9) — $500+ annually: Scott Bump & Cynthia Grady; Morgan Cannon; Kitty Kieley Hayes; Pamela Jordan & Christopher Scott; Ron Luebbert; The Mills Family; Dave & Shanna Robb; (2) Anonymous $500.

Sponsors (52) — $250+ annually: Sharon & Thomas Apostle; Austin Tile (Chris & Julee Austin); Anne Bleaden; Pete & Suzy Capparelli; Blair Ceniceros; Diann Coate; Laurel & Redmond Corbett; Isabelle Dubois; Marcia Edwards $300; The Family Business (Craig & Janice Coopersmith); Dave & Laurie Fraser; Marsha & Susan Freed; Friends of San Jacinto Mountain County Parks; Dick & Karen Hadik; Paula & Robert Hetzler; David Hunt & Kris Kirschbaum; Idyllwild Backhoe (Carol & David Jones, Denise & Justin Jones); Idyllwild Vacation Rentals; Christine Iger; Ben & Nanci Killingsworth; Anne & Jon King; Kathy & Will Kleindienst; Dianne Lake; Barbara Larsh; John Larue $350; Jason Laurence & Alexandra Napier; Martha Ludlum & Steven Morris; Chuck & Martha Lumia; Nancy Wallace Lungren for Don & Elizabeth Wallace Family Trust; Linda McCaughin & Phil Strong; Charles & Margaret Mooney; Sue Nash & Tom Paulek; Thomas Noce; Betty & Walter Parks; Ben & Rue Pine; Raphael Plunkett; Andy Ridgwell; Fran & Steve Robb; Martha & Scott Schroeder; Gary Schwandner; Paul Shnable; Adele & Bob Smith; Karen Smith; Anne Stone; Greg Trigeiro; Alex & Valerie Virtue; Barry & Jolene Wallace; Kay Wanner & Charlies Wix; Brian Weiss; (3) Anonymous $250.

Sustaining Readers (180) — $100+ annually: Patricia Altman; D.M. Ankenbrandt; Baily Winery (Carol & Phil Baily) $150; Robert Ballard; Cheryl & Lon Barr; Albert Bates; Jeanne Bauer; Nancy Beddingfield & Paul Leverenz; Kerry Berman; Rick Bernardin; Douglas & Maureen Boren; Ron Boustead & Ruth Riven Boustead; Bernard & Jorgine Brause $200; Paul Browne; Kathy Bryson; Charles Buchanan; Kenneth Camoirano; Bruce Campbell; Garrett & Harmeet Capune; Steve Chadwick; Duane & Ermylee Chamlee; Reg Cohen; Nancy Collins; Roberta Corbin & Lawrence Kueneman; Virginia Criste; Joe Curtis; Barbara & David Cutter; Margaret & Michael D’Ambra; Jayne Davis; Mark Davis & Eduardo Santiago; Iris & Peter Davison; John & Linda Denver; Mizzi Diamond & Tim Doyle; Sherryn Digby; Ruthe Donlon; Carol & Dennis Dunbar; Greg & Nancy Dunlap; John Dunne; Jennie & Steven Espinosa; Fern Valley Inn (Gary & Marcie Erb); Farah Fisher; Amy Fogerson & Kent Weishaus; Chris Fox; Michael Franich; Françoise Frigola; Roland Gaebert; Bruce & Carolyn Ganoe; Merle & Rosemarie Gardner; Don & Louise Giger; John & Kathleen Gilliland; Cathy & Gil Gillogly; Dick & Jan Goldberg; Christine & Jan Goldsmith; Eleanor Gorth; Mary Gosney & Rebecca Gunn; Bob & Corrine Greenamyer; Karin & Richard Greenwood; Mark Gumprecht & Christine Rheaume; Carolyn Hall; Linda Hanson; Marcia Harlan & Charles Phelan; Emily Heebner & Eric Young; Carole Herman & Sandi Mathers; Wayne Hester; Douglas Hopper; Idyllwild Arts Academy; David Israelsky & Janice Zahn; Don “Jac” & Mimi Jacaruso; Jan Jaspers-Fayer; Josh & Lea Johnson; Barbara Jones; Doug Kelbert; Donna & Sam Kelly; Marilyn Kemple; Donna Kennedy & William Linehan; Ted & Beverly Kilman; Barbara & Ted Kinoshita; Helen Knauer; Marcia & Ron Krull; Diana & Terry Kurr; Elaine Latimer; Erin Latimer; Trudy Levy; Bob Lippert; Elizabeth Locke; Elaine Lockhart; Barbara & Michael Longbrook; Cathy & Dave Lopez; Marsha Lytle; Michèle Marsh & Peter Szabadi; Brian Marshall; Barbara Mathahs; Erin Matthews; Bret McCaughin-Strong; Ralph McClurg; Joan McCullough; Maureen McElligott; Michael McKenzie & Robert Thorson; Jane Meier; Carol Mendoza; George & Sheila Meyer; Leslea Meyerhoff; Maurice Meysenburg; Middle Ridge, Inc. (Chris & Melody Johnston); Susan Millard; Marcia & Richard Montaño; Melissa Montgomery-Lynch; Maria & Mark Morgan; Wayne Myers & Aaron Twombly; Christen Ng; Dawn & Jim O’Keeffe; Steve Olson & Stephanie Yost; Neil Passage; Gerald Pauley; Anthony Pearson; Barbara & Dave Pelham; Heather Perry; Cecil & Shirley Peters; Robert Peterson; John Petty; Marlene & Thomas Pierce; Jim Pomeroy $150; Ed & Sandy Reed; Mike Reed; George & Kathryn Reeves; Margaret & Ned Roberts; Debbi Roeder; Maureen & Steve Rose; Sandlin & Son Refrigeration (David Sandlin); Vic Scavarda; Charles Schelly; Richard Schnetzer; Steve Shaw; Dale Sheneman; Judith & Ronald Shenkman; Doug & Lois Sheppard; Carol Simonek; Bill & Linda Smith; Jeannie Sprenger; Patricia and Will Sproule; St. Hugh’s Episcopal Church; Jean Stein & Pamela Williams; Kirk & Yvonne Stephenson; Richard Stinson; Stephen Sutton; Mary Talley; Jacob & Theresa Teel; James & Joanne Tenney; John Thomford; Arthur Tobias; Deidre & Joe Vail; David Verplank; Anne & Douglas Walker; Barb & Thom Wallace; Pamela Walton; Bill Waring; Sallie Warwick; Annette Wasell c/o Aria Board & Care; Charles & Susan Weisbart; Sheila Weldon; Sharon & Stephen White; Richard Wilkerson; Barbara & Steve Wilkes; Joanne Williams; Elizabeth & Thomas Wirt; Jim Wise; Catherine Wood; James Wymer; Fredricka & Paul Young; Alexander and Lorna Zukas; (1) Anonymous $200; (9) Anonymous $100.

Thank you all!!

Please remember that the Town Crier’s weekly News Meeting is open to the entire public. That’s where we decide on the stories we will cover in the next issue of the paper. Some readers have regularly attended and contributed for years. The meetings currently are at the Town Crier office at 54405 North Circle Drive, Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m., unless Monday is a Town Crier holiday — then the meeting is at 8:30 a.m. the following day, Thursday. The next meeting is at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 18.