Editor’s note: In preparation for Assemblyman Randy Voepel “Listening Tour” stop in Idyllwild, the local Indivisibles prepared these questions:

1. Because we live in the mountains, we are very concerned about climate change, the environment, and our air quality. You voted “No” on AB 617 which would establish regulations to improve California’s air quality. Additionally, you were once quoted as saying climate change is good.

What is your stance on improving and then maintaining a healthy environment, including air quality?

2. Women’s health issues affect everyone — men, women and children. Ensuring women have the healthcare they need is imperative, just as is protecting their rights to care for themselves as they see fit. We see that you voted “No” on AB 8569 which protects women from losing their jobs because they chose to use birth control or to have an abortion.

How do you plan to protect women’s health, ensure health care, and guarantee their right to make personal decisions affecting their bodies and their lives?

3. We are home to a California State Park and proud of it. We see that you voted “No” on AB 18, which authorized a ballot measure allowing California voters to approve park funding. If passed, this will allow restoration and preservation of California State Parks and improvement of community parks.

What is your stance on preservation, maintenance and protection of community and California State Parks?

4. Many Californians are impacted and/or concerned with immigration policy and its impact on immigrants, their families, “Dreamers,” and many businesses and industries. You voted “No” on SB 54 which established California’s statewide sanctuary policy.

Please explain reasons that led you to this vote.

5. Undeniably, every single person needs or will need health care in his or her lifetime, and with the outrageous associated costs, most people cannot afford to be healthy without affordable, comprehensive health insurance

Is health care a right or a privilege? Please explain.

6.  A significant portion of your constituency represents the LGBTQ Community.

What is your position on LGBTQ rights?