Only closed session topics,to be repeated this week

The Idyllwild Water District directors held a special meeting Wednesday evening, Nov. 8.

The two agenda items were both to be discussed in closed session. First, the directors were to evaluate Interim General Manager Jack Hoagland’s performance. Then they were going to consider a person for the general manager’s position.

Thursday morning, Hoagland said, “There’s no reportable action from last night’s meeting.”

The next regular IWD board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 15. The board did not explain why a special meeting this week was necessary to conduct the performance evaluation, especially since the board has scheduled a special meeting on Nov. 15, immediately following the adjournment of the regular meeting. This special meeting will address the same two items, and do so in closed session again..

Previously, the board confirmed that the general manager’s vacancy has not been advertised. The board, including the personnel committee, has been reviewing and revising the description of work for its general manager.