Probation revoked

Michael Darranger Kellner, 24, of Idyllwild, failed to appear in court for his Nov. 7 hearing so the District Attorney’s Office motioned to revoke his probation from earlier convictions.

As a consequence, Judge Dennis A. McConaghy, who presided over the scheduled hearing, did revoke probation, and issued a warrant and citation for Kellner, as well as resetting bail at $5,000.

Kellner was granted three years’ probation in April 2017 for pleading guilty to possession of controlled substance, which was a misdemeanor conviction. Recently, he was arrested for suspicion of stealing a tip jar from Christian Chalifour, a local harpist, performing outside in Strawberry Creek Plaza. The theft occurred Sept. 15. He also has been cited for two illegal entries.

These potential crimes, even though charged as misdemeanors, caused the District Attorney to file the revocation of probation motion.