During firefighting in December 1972, several Idyllwild volunteers suffered smoke inhalation and received oxygen treatment. file photo/norwood hazard

70 years ago - 1948

The proprietor of Thorn’s General Store, Pine Cove, advertised, “I’ll sell you stuff if you’ll hunt me up. It’s too cold to be at the store every day.”

65 years ago - 1953

Ernie Maxwell was a member of the snow crew team that trekked  Tahquitz Valley to complete the sixth-annual snow survey. Ten test holes were sunk to come up with an average depth of 45.7 inches.

60 years ago - 1958

A queen was being sought to reign over the upcoming Bear Festival sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of the San Jacinto Mountains.

50 years ago - 1968

San Bernardino National Forest celebrated 75 years.

45 years ago - 1973

Idyllwild’s town center rang with the report of gunfire when members of the Southern California Gunfighters’ Association held competitions for style and speed. They were shooting blanks.

40 years ago - 1978

Pine Cove Property Owners Association asked Caltrans to install flashing red lights at each approach to dead man’s curve on Highway 243 in Pine Cove. Caltrans officials would not permit it, even at PCPOA’s expense.

35 years ago - 1983

Banking got easier for Hill residents when a Security Pacific Bank branch opened in Idyllwild. Previously, customers used a mobile office that came to Idyllwild each Tuesday.

30 years ago - 1988

The pros and cons of the $15 million Idyllwild-area sewer project were debated once again during an all-day hearing at Town Hall conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

25 years ago - 1993

Margaret Williams, in an interview detailing her long residency on the Hill, described what it was like for commuters in 1929. “It was a one-way road [from Hemet] and we would hold the flag until there were enough cars to go, and they would hold the cars coming the other way.”

5 years ago - 2013

For the third consecutive year, a jazz combo from Idyllwild Arts earned top honors at the annual Berklee High School Jazz Festival in Boston, Mass.

1 year ago - 2017

Idyllwild Arts Academy Visual Arts Chair David Reid-Marr was the speaker at the Spotlight on Leadership series at the academy.