With the upcoming changes in ambulance response effective May 1, the second-closest-available unit will be dispatched if American Medical Response is not available to respond because it is on another call. This could mean another AMR ambulance or Idyllwild Fire Protection District.

Locals have asked for a cost comparison of the two ambulance services. These are the current ambulance charges for AMR and IFPD. Note that non-IFPD residents are charged an additional $313.95.

The Riverside County Emergency Medical Department annually approves AMR’s rates. Its current contract allows AMR to adjust the fees once a year based on changes in the Southern California (Los Angeles and Riverside) consumer price index. These adjustments go into effect at the beginning of each fiscal year.

The IFPD commission sets its fees by resolution. These fees were approved May 23, 2017. The county does not regulate IFPD’s fees.