The idea for an Earth Fair, hatched last year by members of the Idyllwild Arts Environmental Club, fermented all summer in the minds and hearts of IAA Seniors Maeve Gillespie and Linda Payne with the view of becoming an annual collaborative event with the Idyllwild community.

Under the supervision of the clubs’ advisor Jennifer Murdock, students have designed a compelling day for children and adults alike. Most of the day’s activities will be centered in and around Krone Library (directional signage will be provided). A main stage will also feature Jazz by IAA students, musical theatre and vocal performances.

A highly anticipated guest appearance by the Mt. Cahuilla Bird Singers marks their second performance on campus this year. The group incorporates cultural traditions into performances that connect with the natural world to honor the Earth.

Idyllwild Eco Alliance and the newly formed Citizens’ Climate Lobby are both representing their initiatives at the event. Local businesses such as Plant Food Supper Club and El Buen Cacao will feature their green initiatives and the Help Center is donating white t-shirts for tie-dying; the Idyllwild Nature Center and Idyllwild Water will also have a presence.

Smoky Bear, always a favorite – will team with the U.S. Forest Service to provide educational outreach. SMARTS will have a face painting booth, the National Honor Society will host a recycle game and Art in Society will offer pine cone bird feeder making.  There will also be a finger painting wall/mural which will expand yearly as this event evolves.  Custom print making on linoleum stickers will be available too.

The event will close with a screening of Ron Kauk’s film “Return to Balance” at 4:30 p.m. in the Krone library.  After viewing the film Linda Payne had this to say, “It’s an inspiring movie about a climber’s connection to nature, and how he uses the Earth’s power to guide him through life. It features the beautiful environment of Yosemite National Park, through idyllic cinematography of spring, summer, fall and winter landscapes.”

When the organizers were asked why they’ve made the effort to coordinate the event?  Maeve Gillespie spoke up, “we believe it’s important to educate and celebrate the relationships that exist between people and the Earth.”

A free event for all ages and open to the public on Sunday, April 22, from 1 to 5 p.m. on the campus at Idyllwild Arts Academy. Once on campus signage will point the way and attendees are reminded there is little cellular coverage on campus.