The American Red Cross intends to close the evacuation shelter at Hamilton High School today at noon.

The shelter opened on July 27 for residents who lost electricity due to the Cranston Fire. Red Cross workers will continue assisting those affected by the fire. The Red Cross opens and closes shelters at the request of local officials.

Local officials with the electric cooperative have restored power to homes and businesses on a rotating basis in the area.

The Red Cross will continue to work with county officials to support residents through the Anza Community Center.

All American Red Cross disaster assistance is provided free of charge and is made possible by the voluntary donations of time and money from caring individuals and corporate partners.

Advice from Red Cross on returning from a wildfire:

• Don’t go home until fire officials say it is safe. Be cautious entering a burned area – hazards could still exist.
• Avoid damaged or downed power lines, poles and wires.
• Keep your animals under your direct control. Hidden embers and hot spots could burn them.
• Wet down debris to minimize breathing dust particles.
• Wear leather gloves and shoes with heavy soles.
• Throw out any food that has been exposed to heat, smoke or soot.
• Recheck for smoke or sparks throughout your home for several hours after the
fire, including in your attic. Wildfire winds can blow embers anywhere so check for embers that could cause a fire.