When a state of emergency is declared for an area, price gouging is prohibited anywhere in the state where there is increased consumer demand as a result of the declared emergency. The Cranston Fire was declared a state of emergency by both Gov. Jerry Brown and President Donald Trump.

A business cannot raise its rates by more than 10 percent when that occurs.

When the Town Crier asked on Facebook whether any Cranston Fire evacuee had experienced price gouging, the answers were surprising.

“Silent Valley Club welcomed evacuees with full hookups for free. So kind, so caring. Bless them,” Mary Morse wrote.

“Palm Springs Hilton waived parking and pet fee,” said Carmen Ginter.

“No. Everyone was very kind and honest. From the Indian Wells Hotel to the Courtyard Marriott in Carlsbad and in between, too,” wrote Jez Chesnu.

“Golden Village RV resort in Hemet let evacuees stay there for FREE!! They were very nice and empathetic about our situation. Highly recommend them to any snowbirds or visitors!” said Chris Austin.

Dianne Suechika said, “We were comped at Starbucks and Rooster and the Pig. Everyone was concerned and generous even when we said there was no need.”

“Everyone I encountered and/or turned to for assistance or service was kind, generous and genuinely concerned for our town,” Beth Severance added.

And this editor experienced kindness at the KOA at the bottom of the Hill who waived the administrative fee for storing our camper.