Did you think advertising in the Town Crier was just advertising to local residents? I just did a count of Town Crier Members — all 600 plus of them. Fifty-two percent of Town Crier Members are off-Hill residents — folk who are such strong Hill fans that they took out TC Memberships, but who have their newspapers mailed to them off the Hill — 52 percent! That’s a lot of serious off-Hill readers of Town Crier newspaper ads.

Some of these folk have second homes here on the Hill, and some hope to have second homes here, or to move here entirely. And another approximately 1,000 folk get their papers from local merchants. That’s a lot of potential real estate buyers and sellers reading the Town Crier.

One more week until the one-year anniversary of our announcement of the Town Crier Membership Model, and three more weeks until the anniversary of when it went into effect. So, only three weeks left to become a Town Crier Charter Member.

Meanwhile, early Charter Members are continuing to renew their Memberships. You do not lose anything by renewing early because renewals are always tacked on to the end of a Member’s (or a subscriber’s) existing expiration date. Thanks to all you faithful early birds!

Please plan to attend our weekly news meetings, which are open to the public, Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m. at the Town Crier office. That’s when we discuss and decide on news stories for the upcoming week. Some readers have been participating in our news meetings for years. Please join us.

Town Crier Charter Members

(600 as of Aug. 7, 2018)

Saving and Supporting the Town Crier for our Community

Town Crier Renewed Members

(23 Early Membership Renewals as of Aug. 7, 2018)

Saving and Supporting the Town Crier for our Community