One of two hikers rescued Sunday on Mt. San Jacinto is being escorted from the helicopter. Photo courtesy Todd Friedman, ranger, Mt. San Jacinto State Park and Wilderness

On Sunday, Sept. 2, two weary hikers were airlifted off the mountain. About 11 a.m., the Mt. San Jacinto State Park Wilderness received a call from a fatigued hiker unable to continue hiking, according to the press release from Todd Friedman of the California Department of Parks and Recreation.

The call was from a male hiker, who said he and his girlfriend, in her 30s, “were too fatigued to continue along the Skyline route.” They had begun the hike about 2 a.m.

State Parks staff at the Long Valley Ranger Station contacted the California Highway Patrol aviation unit to help with the rescue. After locating the hikers, the CHP unit with State Parks staff conducted a hoist operation, according to Friedman.

Both hikers were taken first to Long Valley Station. By 2 p.m., they were on the Tramway down to Palm Springs.