Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats and dog, Tex, wondered what it will take to find a forever family.


Panther: So, last week a really nice lady came into the ARF House. She sat in the big green chair, and I jumped onto her lap.

Astro: Was she OK with that?

Panther: She was, but then she said she is a “dog person.” What the heck? I was super charming. Guess I wasn’t charming enough.

Astro: Maybe if she met us kittens she would change her mind.

Tex: Not all people are “dog people,” and not all people are “cat people.”

Bear: I have met some people who are both.

Zeus: Regardless, I think most all homes need a four-legged, don’t you?


Bear: I have to agree with you.

Panther: Especially single seniors.  Think how nice it would be for a senior to have a purring friend to curl up in a lonely lap.

Tex: And I think a single younger person would really like having a dog to greet him at the door after a day at work or to go along with him on a jog or hike. I’d do that!

Radar: And we kittens would be perfect for a family with children! We would entertain each other for hours on end.

Pepper: I’ve heard that having a dog or cat is very good for a person’s mental health.


Panther: And pets are great at helping with stress management. Think about a persons petting her beloved cat or dog and letting go of all the stress of the day.

Tex: Or getting out into the yard and throwing a ball or Frisbee for a loyal dog.

Astro: So, tell me again why we aren’t adopted?

Zeus: Astro, it is a very good question.

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