This is a pictorial saga of Highway 243 from just before the entrance to Idyllwild to approximately 13 miles north of Idyllwild. These photographs show the damage to the highway until the highway abruptly ends.

Before Idyllwild

            As one passes lower Saunders Meadow Drive driving north into Idyllwild, the southbound lane is closed. The edge of the highway has eroded.

The erosion under the southbound lane of Highway 243
The southbound lane of Highway 243 leaving Idyllwild is closed.

Jameson Drive

            Water ran down Jameson Drive gained volume and power and erode the west side of Hwy. 243.  The water pipes belong to Idyllwild Water District.

Erosion on Highway 243 at intersection with Jameson Drive


This rock, which was sitting beneath the house above slide several feet. It touches Hwy. 243 but has not blocked the passage yet. This is near mile post 7.

This boulder has slid to the edge of the highway.
The boulder was under the house's porch

Before Camp Alandale

            Here the base of the road way is eroding and a water pipe, belong to the Stone Creek Water Company.

Past Station 53

            As Hwy. 243 heads down the hill, the edge is again being eroded from the fast moving and volume of run off.

Hwy debris

            This forest debris was washed onto the highway in numerous places north of Pine Cove.

Bay Springs

            Hwy. 243 collapsed and washed away. At this site, near mile marker 16. Here are photos of the abyss, the water still coming down the mountain, and the road and pipe debris at the base of the pit.

The gap in Hwy. 243 at Bay Springs, about mile marker 16, north of Lake Fulmor
Water from the spring still is flowing down the mountain and through the culvert that was beneath the highway
Portions of Hwy. 243 and the culvert passing under the highway are seen at the base of the hillside below where the road collapsed

Aerial drone footage of damage to Highway 74 courtesy of Cal Trans