Randon Lane, mayor pro temp for Murrieta, is running against Chuch Washington for the Riverside County 3rd District board seat. Photo courtesy of Marc Troast

Editor’s note: Randon Lane, mayor pro-tem of Murrieta, has announced that he will challenge incumbent Supervisor Chuck Washington for the 3rd District seat on the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. This is from a brief interview with Lane.
Lane said his sense and devotion to public service has roots in his childhood. His father was a minister who traveled throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico helping to start churches and to revive them.
“My Dad loved to hear people’s stories,” Lane said, and this is why Lane is so willing to hear from his constituents and the general public about their interests, concerns or problems.
When asked about the timing of his announcement, Lane noted that the primary election is March 3, 2020, barely a year from now. The 3rd Supervisory District is the largest of Riverside County’s five districts, so he feels he needs this time to introduce himself to the northern and eastern portions of the district.
“The campaign starts quite a way before the primary,” Lane stated. “We have some work to do in preparation.”
One reason for entering the race a second time (Lane was a candidate in the 2016 primary), was that he was encouraged by others in the district to be there, he said.
“I question Chuck’s leadership style and his frequent absence from the district,” Lane stated.
In terms of county issues, Lane addressed the county’s finances first and foremost. And since Washington was the chair of the Board of Supervisors during 2018, Lane believes Washington’s leadership contributed to the deteriorating fiscal position.
“Supervisors must make tough decisions,” Lane said, although he did not mention of which specific issues he faults Washington.
Since Riverside County is the 10th largest in the U.S., Lane believes that more attention to attracting housing developers and new businesses would help with revenues.
“This would build a stronger economic base for the county,” he argued. “Murrieta City, in contrast with Riverside County, has made fiscally tough decisions.”
With respect to the 2018 sheriff’s race and the county’s movement to establish a commercial cannabis industry, Lane and Washington both supported Chad Bianco for sheriff.
“There needs to be new leadership and new blood,” Lane stated. “A change in leadership is more prominent in the district, too.”
However, he differs some on the cannabis policy. Lane argues that the development agreements, which operators will need to negotiate with the county Planning staff, is a way for the county to [directly or indirectly] pick and choose the winners and losers.
He favors a process that is more open and lets the cannabis entrepreneurs assume more of the risk of being successful rather than possessing one of a few limited permits.
And he recognizes the unique position Idyllwild has within both the district and the county. “Fire protection is a critical issue there. We will work with the state and county,” he promised.
Lane has lived in Murrieta for years and is quite familiar with Idyllwild. He and his family have visited the Hill often and as the weather improves, he plans more trips here and will happily listen to stories and concerns.
“There are some very good story tellers in the community of Idyllwild,” he said knowingly. “I don’t need to tell Idyllwild how to live. Idyllwild is a beautiful community.”