I’ve always known that Idyllwild is a place where people all look out for one another, and my wife and I are currently the recipients of this town’s care and generosity.
On Friday, our beautiful neighbor’s entire family came over to dig trenches to redirect Thursday’s flooding away from our house and propane tank. Their 11-year-old son shoveled our path to give us easy access to the street. These are tasks we are no longer able to accomplish ourselves.
Then Saturday, they set up a GoFundMe account to help us recover from flood damage and the response to it has been overwhelming.
Saturday night, our neighbor and a half-dozen of his firefighter friends and colleagues spent more than three hours of labor in the freezing cold extracting our truck from the constantly sinking hole that the flooding had caused, and moved it to a safe location where we could assess the damage. There is no breed of people on this planet like our firefighters.
I do not have the words to express my admiration and gratitude. God bless ’em! God bless ’em all.
David Jason
Pine Cove