Late Tuesday afternoon, March 12, another sink hole on Highway 243 was revealed. This damage was near mile post 10.75 and occurred after many trips of large trucks transporting dirt for repair of the highway at Bay Tree Springs.

A portion of Highway 243 at Mile Marker 10 (about a quarter of a mile north of the Alandale Fire Station) has collapsed this afternoon.
Photo courtesy Caltrans

But the hole was filled with dirt. On Wednesday, the trucks could continue to travel north and south on the Highway, carrying the future fill.

Here is a view of the same site Wednesday, March 13.

This is where the dirt fill is temporarily being stored, until needed, for the repairs on Highway 243.

This is Highway 243 at Bay Tree Springs. The road was completely washed away and has to be rebuilt.


  1. I’m thinking we need to set up a toll booth down here in Anza. We’ve got all the folks that figured out we make a good shortcut from the 15 down to the desert and Glamis, now this, and Coachella is coming up. It would give us some money to fix up some of our non-county roads that the rain’s messed up so bad. I know this situation’s nobody’s fault besides whoever makes the weather, but some payback for all the new traffic coming through town would be nice, didn’t used to have to sit for five minutes waiting to get onto the 371 during work travel times. Hmmmm.

  2. No Allynna, not allowed, see below. Besides the toll booth would put your residents up in arms because it would slow them down from the 60-65mph they drive to Temecula. Increased traffic to Glamis is probably from the traffic apps and Glamis advertising. Hopefully the businesses in Anza are getting increased business so that might help you adjust to an increased commute time of FIVE minutes.
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