Work to repair, restore, and make Highway 74 safer between Valle Vista and Mountain Center continued Wednesday, March 12.

Nearly a month after the devastating rain in February, the portion of Hwy. 74 that was washed out (near mile post 51) is being repaired. As shown below, most of the excavation has ended at this site and now it is being rebuilt.

But reconnecting the two sides of Hwy. 74 is only a part, of CalTrans's mission to ensure safety of drivers. In the past, even light rain storms have eroded the soil sufficiently for rocks and boulders to roll onto or pummel the highway. Based on its geotechnical consultants, CalTrans is also reducing the steepness, which often was almost vertical, along many portions of the highway.

This work is extensive and the dirt and rocks being removed fall below, blocking the lane next to the hill, until that debris can be removed. Much of this dirt has and will be transported to the work on Highway 243 near Bay Tree Springs.

Here are examples of how the soil and rocks removed during the scaling temporarily file a lane.