Mark DeAntonio, 53, of Pine Cove, who missed several scheduled court appearances in January and February, appeared in court March 12. A felony settlement conference was set for April 16.
DeAntonio was charged in June with negligently discharging a firearm. He had several hearings in January regarding his attorney’s request for a mental health diversion.
Penal code sections 1001.35 and 1001.36 authorize this review, according to the public defender’s request.
When he missed the Feb. 19 hearing after also missing a Jan. 29 court date, Riverside County Superior Judge Emma Smith issued a bench warrant and reset bail at $20,000. A notice to forfeit the $20,000 bail was filed, and another felony settlement conference and mental health diversion hearing was scheduled for March 12.
This hearing he attended, and he also paid on his bail bond.
On June 25, 2018, DeAntonio was arrested and charged with three felonies: negligently discharging a firearm, manufacturing a zip gun, and being under the influence while in possession of a loaded and operable firearm. He had been released on $20,000 bail.