Last week in Days of Our Nine Lives, the ARF cats celebrated Yale’s adoption.
George: Wow. Those big dogs were gone in no time!
Thomas: Seriously. Nala and Yale are so, so happy in their new homes.
George: And did you hear that Alfie, the little Yorkie, was also adopted?
Thomas: Yes, and I also heard that a very, very kind woman read about Alife on Petfinder, and sent ARF the money to get him his dental.
Sadie: She did! He had it last Wednesday before going to his forever home.
Mr. Gray: So does this mean there are now no ARF dogs?
Sadie: For now!
Whiskers: Then I guess the kind humans on this mountain need to adopt us cats.
Mr. Gray: Right, and they need to realize that we cats offer as much comfort and companionship as any dog.
Whiskers: We just might need a little more time to settle into a home than most dogs do.
Indie: Any human who would give me half a chance would be rewarded ten times over. I just want to be the only cat. Is that asking too much?
Mr. Gray: It isn’t! The rest of us, however, are good with other cats. We just want a forever home. Some of us have been waiting so long.
Indie: Why do you think that is?
Mr. Gray: It has to do with how we “show.” Many of us are a little suspect when it comes to strangers. We need humans to sit and visit with us so we get to know them.
Sadie: Even the most friendly of us (me, for instance) need a little time to be comfortable.
George: I’m so happy to get to know a human. I hope that a human will do the same for me and give me a chance.
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