Caltrans and its contractor Ames Construction were busy repairing Highway 243 Thursday, May 9.

Thursday, May 9, Caltrans began to remove this boulder, which was edging onto Highway 243. The February storms initiated its movement. Here, the team plans its first step. Photo by Steven King

In Pine Cove, Caltrans crews were removing a huge boulder that was dislodged during the winter storms. It has gradually, but slowly, been slipping. By Friday, it was mostly gone.

On Monday, May 13, the boulder along Highway 243 had been reduced to a very large rock, but still it was not completely demolished nor removed. Photo by Steven King

Road repair
Work is continuing on repairing Highway 243. New and larger culverts have been installed at two places north of Lake Fulmor. Because these culverts are much larger than the older ones, the road had to be dug out. Currently, there is about a 4-foot drop from the original road surface. This will be corrected, too.

Bay Tree
Work is progressing at this site, too. Because of the fog, it was difficult to get a clear photograph of the work. But the current work area is probably 20 to 40 feet higher than the bottom of the original washout.

At Bay Tree Spring, Caltrans has to restore and reconstruct the road that washed away. This involves replacing older culverts with newer and larger pipes. This culvert will be about 40 feet below the road surface. Photo by JP Crumrine