Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats met Terra, the mama cat, and her litter.
Heavenly Whiskers: Hey, shouldn’t Sox be here to get this meeting going?
Zeus: That might be difficult for him as he was adopted last week!
Sadie: Get out! Sox is already in a forever home?
Mr. Gray: I told you so! I said he’d find a home quickly.
Heavenly Whiskers: When is it my turn?
Sadie: Oh, Whiskers, don’t cry. Your day will come.
Pepper: But we do have lots of competition now, with Terra’s litter of kittens.
Zeus: And another litter is coming to ARF this weekend. That litter is old enough to go to forever homes. Terra’s babies need a few more weeks.
Bear: Two of Terra’s babies have already been spoken for. The nice people filled out applications and put down deposits. Now, they just need to be patient until the kittens are old enough.
Zeus: I am looking forward to meeting the new ones.
Thomas: The best part is they will meet many humans because ARF is having a yard sale Labor Day weekend. People may shop for both kittens and all kinds of pet supplies.
Zeus: Now, that is a great coincidence.
Thomas: It is. The yard sale will be on Saturday and Sunday. We and the kittens will be waiting for lots of visitors.
Mr. Gray: Hey! Who will be the new office cat?
Sadie: That’s a very good question, but whoever it is will be very lucky. Being the office cat is so awesome!
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