Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats welcomed Daisy the lab mix.
Daisy: Hey cats! What’s up?
Sadie: Sad news, Daisy. Poor George has crossed the rainbow bridge.
Mr. Gray: Oh no. This makes me so sad. He was my best friend.
Heavenly Whiskers: I heard that his illness just got the better of him.
Sadie: As sad as this is, I feel a bit better knowing he is with other wonderful pets, probably running and playing with great dogs and cats.
Daisy: Wow, this news is sad. I bet I would have liked him.
Zeus: Most likely, Daisy. I hear you really like cats.
Daisy: That’s right, Zeus. I really enjoy playing with all sizes of dogs, too.
Zeus: How about Mystic and Frankie, the two kittens still looking for their forever homes?
Daisy: I haven’t met them yet, but I bet they would be a lot of fun.
Zeus: Kittens always are, and these two are so adorable! ARF needs to help them find their forever homes as there are other kittens who will come into the kittenry in a few weeks.
Mr. Gray: Mystic and Frankie are ready for adoption. They are litterbox trained and full of love. Maybe if I spend a little time with them, they’ll make me feel better.
Thomas: Oh Mr. Gray, I know George’s passing has really hit you hard, but the rest of us will work hard to fill in.
Daisy: Me too! I’ll be your friend.
Sadie: You know, Mr. Gray, it would be even better for you if a human stepped up to make you part of his family. Actually, we need humans to step up for all of us.
Daisy: And the love and devotion we’ll give in return in enormous.
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