Rep. Raul Ruiz, M.D. with some of the volunteers before he went live on Facebook.    photo by melissa diaz hernandez

It is important to remember the positive things that happen every day on the mountain. Jennifer Miller, Anza Electric Cooperative government relations liaison, reached out to Rep. Raul Ruiz, M.D., D-Palm Desert, to see if he’d be interested in participating in the first food distribution event for the community of Anza. 

Ruiz told the crowd of people at the event that his wife, Monica, has been telling him that he should spotlight the positive things happening in his district. This event was the perfect opportunity to spotlight how all aspects of a community can come together and make things happen.

“When you do good, more people want to do good,” Ruiz said of the community spirit. 

In an email to Hernán Quintas, press secretary for Ruiz, Miller wrote: “Following [the] Cranston [Fire], we met with President/CEO Debbie Espinosa of FIND Food Bank. After they came up during the disaster, they recognized that there is a need here in the Anza Valley.” 

Ruiz’s office put Anza Electric Cooperative in touch with FIND Food Bank during the Cranston Fire, according to Miller. 

Anza Electric Cooperative was able to secure funding for one year to cover the cost of transporting the food to the location. This last Saturday was the first food distribution event.

Miller continued in her email, “Anza Electric has been and still is working with our community to develop volunteer opportunities that provide needed services to our area residents.”

The American Heart Association, the Hamilton High School girls volleyball teams, the local Thimble Club, and From the Heart all had volunteers at the event helping or providing information to the public. In addition to the local groups, 12 Anza Electric Cooperative employees and their families also volunteered.

While at the food bank event, Ruiz went on Facebook Live to let his constituents know about the event. “I’m highlighting what you don’t see in the normal news, which is all about traumas and dramas and hateful things and accidents and what not,” Ruiz said. 

“We need more positivity,” he continued. “We need more love in this world and that’s what’s witnessed here.” 

The food distribution events will be held the second Saturday of every month for the next 12 months from 10:30-11:30 a.m. at Anza Electric Cooperative, 58470 Highway 371 in Anza.