The Idyllwild Water District (IWD) held what was its second special meeting in three weeks and third meeting in four weeks.
The subject of the Sept. 12 special meeting was “anticipated litigation.” Since the Riverside County Superior Court shows no filed lawsuits, the board was discussing a potential lawsuit with its legal counsel.
The agenda did indicate that IWD might have “ … significant exposure to litigation.”
Since it is anticipated, there are unlikely any court dates at this time. When asked why the subject could not be added to the agenda of the Sept. 18 regular meeting, IWD Board President Dr. Charles “Chip” Schelly replied, “It seems appropriate to hold a meeting tonight.”
After the closed session meeting, Schelly stated that no reportable action was taken.
Next Wednesday, Sept. 18, will be its regular monthly meeting in the IWD boardroom located at 25945 Highway 243.


  1. Law suits, poisonous water, failed/marginal hydrants, disciplined employees, out of control costs, raised rates, and they wanted to consume Pine Cove Water District’s water, capital resources, and customers. They should resign en masse as did their prior board, cowards!

  2. And another one bites the dust!
    IWD has a bucket of problem from bad water to marginal/bad pipes and hydrants to employee problems.
    Follow the lead of PCWD. Hire qualified and licensed full time technicians to fix problems in house, and pay them a competitive wage, not the monkey wages the past 4 boards have done.

    I suggest they hire Jerry Holldber from PCWD to temporarily manage this district, manage/hire/discipline current employees putting them on track, and hire Best, Best, and Krieger to end the 110 year old water battle between IWD and FVWD.
    Short of this the IWD board must resign en-masse as the prior board did as they have failed.

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