Town Hall. Photo by Halie Wilson

By Stephanie Yost
Board President
Idyllwild Community Center

For many years our Town Hall was managed and operated by the Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce for the benefit of the town. However, with the chamber’s dissolution, the property ownership reverted to the Johnson family, who were the original owners. On Aug. 16, the Johnson family sold the Town Hall property to Idyllwild Town Hall LLC, a corporation formed by Tom Hawthorne and Loie and Dave Butterfield. 

The LLC engaged Shane Stewart to manage the refurbishment of Town Hall with the intention thereafter to donate the land and building to Idyllwild Community Center (ICC) to operate for the benefit of our community. Since the sale, refurbishment plans have been underway and construction began Oct. 14.

In addition to taking into account the important 72-year history of the property and its uses, the new owners have consulted ICC about its future planned uses for the facility. Construction will concentrate on one area of the property at a time to minimize disruption of ICC’s current programs, events and rentals. Please be patient with the construction and kind to all staff and workers you may interact with. We all look forward to the completion of this important and historic project that will benefit everyone in our community.