Sean Chantler (left) with his wife, Mary (center) and their son, Noah, all pose at one of the three stores, The Fool on the Hill Trading Post. Photo by Jenny Kirchner

Tucked away in the Village Lane is a trio of stores — Idyllwild Antiques and Uniques, The Fool on the Hill Trading Post, and The Rubber Soul Room — all owned by Mary and Sean Chantler. The married duo have been entrepreneurs for years, running a successful online business called Auction Pros, which sells consignment items. They decided to branch out into the storefront adventure and found Idyllwild to be a good place to start.

Photo by Jenny Kirchner

“When I was growing up, my mom and grandmother used to take me into antique stores,” Mary shared. “I like to share the history of things that people might not know about anymore. Kids are curious and always have all these questions, and having four kids of my own, I like to welcome the children into the store.”

Many of the antiques the Chantlers bring in are found online or through dealers. The items range from all different genres and generations, but are unique and interesting.

The rare antiques you will find at any one of the three stores owned by Mary and Sean Chantler on Village Lane. 
Photo by Jenny Kirchner

When asked about the difference between selling online and having a storefront, Sean said, “It’s much more personal having a storefront. People can be attracted or drawn to an object, which we don’t get to see with our online business. It’s really neat to see. A lot of the people up here are great, and it’s our job to make these stores hip and fun for the younger generations.”

Opening only a month ago, and marketing solely on Instagram, the Chantlers are pleased with how well the businesses are doing even without their logo or signs finished. They hope to be open seven days a week, and will continue to bring in one-of-a-kind items for everyone’s liking.