By Idyllwild Community Fund

The Idyllwild Community Fund (ICF) started accepting grant applications from local nonprofit organizations Oct. 18 for the specific purpose of helping Cranston Fire victims only.
To obtain an application visit the ICF website,, or contact Shannon Ng at 909-213-7018.

The background of ICF
The Idyllwild Community Fund originated in 1995 when a couple came to a local attorney and wanted to make an anonymous donation of $10,000 to benefit the community of Idyllwild, according to the presentation given by Ng on Sept. 26 at the 2019 Grantee Reception at The Red Kettle restaurant.
At that time interest rates were at 5% and realizing that this amount would not earn much money, a suggestion was made that affiliating with The Community Foundation of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties might be helpful.
A representative of ICF later met with the couple offering ideas and support. ICF became associated with The Community Foundation in April of 1996 and the first grant was distributed in 1998. The Community Foundation of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties has continued to guide and assist ICF in the management of the endowments and the granting process.

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