For years, the Art Alliance of Idyllwild (AAI) has been providing the community with a place for all artists to share their work. They also support our young artists, encouraging them to explore their artistic abilities.

Here, Donna Elliot poses with just some of the items the Art Alliance of Idyllwild purchased for the Idyllwild HELP Center. Photo by Neil Jenkins

Getting supplies has been a bit more difficult with the recent Stay-at-Home order. With school now being taught at home, kids are unable to participate in smARTs.

The AAI wanted to change that and make sure art is available for all kids of all ages at home.

“The AAI believes in giving back to our community whilst fulfilling its mission to promote ‘education, creativity, and artistic excellence,’” AAI President Donna Elliot said. “What better way than to foster young, talented local artists?”

For many years, the AAI has donated to the Idyllwild HELP Center during the Christmas season so families are able to receive art supplies who may not otherwise be able to have them. With everyone being sequestered at home, AAI wanted to do the same during these tough times.

“AAI has purchased hundreds of dollars of art materials and kits,” Elliot said. “These have been donated to the HELP Center. It will distribute these gifts to the families registered with the HELP Center.”

When the AAI learned that Earth ‘N’ Fire created “paint at home” kits, they wanted to support this art hub in our community. 

To help Earth ‘N’ Fire out, the AAI commissioned more than $250 worth of these kits from Zara McMullen, owner of Earth ‘N’ Fire. 

“These, too, will be donated and delivered to the HELP Center for distribution to its families with children,” Elliot said.

These kits and supplies are designed for all ages, from young kids to teens.

Can families who are not registered with the HELP Center get supplies? Thanks to the AAI, the answer is yes.

The AAI has also taken things one step further. 

“In conjunction with the Ruth and Joseph C. Reed Foundation, the AAI has purchased up to $1,000 worth of art materials and kits for further distribution,” Elliot said. “These will be available within the next few weeks.” 

Once the AAI has the supplies, they will publish details on social media and their website so families throughout the community can get these art kits and supplies.

The AAI had many workshops planned and scholarships available for students wanting to attend Idyllwild Arts Summer Program. The AAI still plans to honor all of these events when things get back to normal. 

“In addition to the workshops and projects, the Reed Foundation and the AAI were sponsoring scholarships for five students to attend Idyllwild Arts Summer Program,” Elliot stated. “Unfortunately, the summer program has been canceled. However, we hope to fund these scholarships during the summer of 2021. Many students dream of attending Idyllwild Arts and these scholarships provide a stepping stone towards that goal.”

Art is an amazing outlet and something anyone can do at home. Take advantage of this time at home and create some masterpieces that you can share with your friends and family.