We are grateful that the majority of our Idyllwild community is observing the shelter-in-place restrictions that have been instituted to prevent the rampant spread of the coronavirus and to protect ourselves, our families, our loved ones and our neighbors.  

However, we are deeply concerned that some innkeepers and Idyllwild residents, who have turned their homes or investment properties into short-term vacation rentals, continue to advertise and rent to visitors while under the quarantine restriction. 

Supervisor Chuck Washington’s April 11 Facebook posting details the recent tightening of this restriction.

Our small village is vulnerable.

Our two local markets are doing their best to keep us supplied with essentials.

We do not have doctors or access to testing for the virus. Medical treatment and medical facilities are a long distance away. 

Yet, we see visitors who go about without masks and whose actions imply that they think our pristine mountain air and isolation are all the protection they need.  

There are already three cases on the Hill, and if this spreads further, it will be a catastrophe.

Yes, there is economic hardship. Yet, there should not be an exception for innkeepers or private homeowners who are marketing their properties as quarantine getaways.  

If this is of concern to you, please join us in discouraging friends or neighbors who are conducting such activities.  

Violations can be reported by emailing [email protected] or calling 951-351-6866.

May we all stay safe and well.

April Palmer

Maureen Jones

Jack Camp

Georgie Smith

Melissa Goddard

Phyllis Brown

David E. Martin

Malka Drucker

Bronwyn Jones

David Heimenz

Holly Parsons

Julie Koppel