The Manifest Your Dreams 2020 graduation gift set.     Photo by Marissa Quintanilla

Idyllwild is a pretty special place. The community is made up of eclectic people with a vast array of artistic talents and personalities.

Diana Orr, co-owner of Wax Apothecary, wanted to help bring all of these talents into one place — Made in Idyllwild.

Made in Idyllwild is an ever-growing group of people providing their products that — you guessed it — are made only in Idyllwild in different packages for the masses to purchase.

“I reached out to some locals whose businesses and stores weren’t doing well and said, ‘Let’s make a little group with a little bit of each of our products and sell it as a bundle,’” Orr explained. “It’s online-focused, so during this pandemic, there’s no danger of endangering people.”

As of now, Orr is the lead organizer, helping to guide, maintain and grow the group. However, she is hoping it will become more of a self-sustaining group.

“I felt like it was a way we could all stay busy, collaborate safely and keep our businesses going,” Orr said. “Or at the very least, keep morale up.”

Creating one-of-a-kind bundles with products only made here in Idyllwild is unique. 

The group created a Mother’s Day gift set. They released a Manifest Your Dreams gift set for the 2020 graduates around the world that’s available for purchase now. A Father’s Day gift set has been  released.

The Manifest Your Dreams gift set includes a meditation tea by Wildland Organics, a natural crystal point soul tag necklace by I AM Adornments, a Manifest Your Dreams Meditation tealight candle set of two candles by Wax Apothecary. The gift set is packaged in a golden “Be Well - Live Light” tin by Wildland Organics. This is just an example of what you can expect from these locally made gift sets.

“If we let it grow organically, it can be a really strong and beautiful collaboration between everyone,” Orr said. “I want it to be accessible and open, and something where everyone wants to be engaged and involved.”

Eventually, the dream is to reach a larger audience in big stores, allowing more business to come to the creators while promoting the community.

If you’re interested in being a part of Made in Idyllwild or would like to purchase a gift set, you can visit the website at