Tatyana Kut is one of the new teachers coming into Idyllwild School this fall. A long-time resident of Hemet, Kut has been in the community for 23 years. 

Originally from Ukraine, Kut moved to Hemet with her family when she was 10 1/2 years old. Neither she nor her parents spoke English. She depended on good teachers and learned English while in school.

Tatyana Kut is Idyllwild School’s new kindergarten through fifth-grade special education teacher. 
Photo Courtesy of Tatyana Kut

“I had great teachers throughout my schooling,” Kut explained. “They never pressured me and were always encouraging. I found those mentors. That’s why I really wanted to give back to my students and to my community.”

Kut attended Baptist Christian School from fourth to 12th grade. 

After high school, she attended Mt. San Jacinto College for her general education classes, then moved on to California State University, San Bernardino to receive her bachelor’s degree in 2013 in liberal studies with a concentration in special education.

While getting her education, Kut was an instructional aide, gaining the experience and knowledge to help her become the best teacher possible.

Currently, Kut is finishing up a dual credential and master’s program at Azusa Pacific University. “All my classes are finished,” Kut said. “I’m in the process of finishing the necessary coursework to clear a teaching credential.

“I’ve really wanted to venture into elementary,” Kut explained. “I’ll be teaching kindergarten through fifth-grade special education at Idyllwild School.”

Having such an amazing experience as a student herself, she has dedicated her career to help her students have the best school and education experience they can.

“I want to make education for them as exciting as I can,” she said. “I desire to just give back. I want to give back especially to students who struggle. Somebody did it for me and I want to do it for them.” 

Not only does Kut want to connect with her students, but she wants to connect with their parents also. 

“Building a relationship with their parents really matters to me,” Kut explained. “They know them best.” While teaching during COVID-19 time is difficult, Kut has the experience to make it work. 

“I wish it was in person, to make that connection and build that relationship,” Kut said. “But because of the situation, I am open-hearted to help students as best I can.

“My goal is for the students to meet their goals,” Kut said. “If they’re successful, I’m successful. It’s very important. We are all in this together.”

Please welcome Tatyana Kut to Idyllwild School and the community.