Two students at Western Center Academy are using their love of mathematics and science to not only help those in their community but people across the globe!

Arnauld and Ariana Martinez created Project Global 2020 in March.

Arnauld and Ariana Martinez created Project Global 2020 in March when states began shutting down due to COVID-19. The project, which originally began to provide face shields for various entities, quickly grew to support various age groups struggling during this pandemic.

They began making cards for senior citizens who were unable to see their family during the shutdowns and created a tutoring service for students who needed additional help in mathematics.

Project Global 2020’s free tutoring service, which launched Aug. 17, includes top scholars throughout Riverside County to help students with long division all the way to calculus. The tutoring service is currently helping 11 students, one of which resides in the United Kingdom.

“We wanted to help bridge the gap between traditional and online school,” said Ariana. While their passion is in mathematics and science, the pair found that their tutoring service was also helping some of their students' transition to an online learning format.

“We all have a part to play,” said Arnauld. “We hope our efforts inspire others to help support their community in different ways.”

Since Project Global 2020’s launch, they have spent over 1,000 hours 3D printing materials to donate. Currently, they have donated over 5,500 face shields to doctors, veterinarians, hospitals, schools, businesses and health care workers. As of August, they began donating shields to medical personnel overseas in India, the United Kingdom and Columbia.

Thank you to Arnauld, Ariana, and the other tutors that are working to help their peers during this transition!