Despite COVID-19, Mayor Max has still been busy. While he’s not out greeting visitors in the center of town as he did pre-COVID, he has had visitors to his home.

A group of ladies visit Mayor Max at his home.

Chief of Staff Phyllis Mueller said, “We are doing lots of private visits at the mayor’s house so we can control distancing. Everyone wears their masks and takes them off just for the photo.”

Mayor Max will also do a private visit to a house, Airbnb or lodge, but only if all county and state health guidelines are met.

Deputy mayors Mikey and Mitzi at their home in Garner Valley.

Those who visit the mayor’s home also get to see deputy mayors Mikey and Mitzi. Mayor Max and the deputies are in coordinated ties and visitors get photo opportunities with all three of them.

Mueller also created something called the Deputy Mayor Program to help put a smile on people’s faces and continue to spread love and kindness.
“If the visitors have dogs either with them or not, we give them ties and make them official deputy mayors of Idyllwild representing Idyllwild in their area,” said Mueller.

Some of the lucky canine honorary deputies.

This helps Mayor Max make the world a better place by conveying unconditional love and doing as many good deeds for others as possible.
The mayor has given away more than 2,000 ties to the deputy mayors all over the world.

Mueller commented that thousands of people have said they want Mayor Max to run for president.

“I always explain that he would not be taken seriously by enough people to win, but it did cause me to think what he would do if he were president,” said Mueller.

After some thought, Mueller decided to write a book titled “Mayor Max, If I Were President.”

The book is all about what Mayor Max would do if he were president and how he would create sanity and economic well-being for everyone.
Since Mayor Max is all about peace, he started a new group on Facebook called the Peace on Earth Team (POET). People who join make four promises:

1. To use only love as the basis for everything that they think, do or say.

2. If you have something to say on social media, you wait until you can find a loving way to say it. Negativity isn’t allowed.

3. To spend time every day to help another or others.

4. To make others aware of the group to join the group.

“I announced the formation of the new group and got 300 members in one day,” Mueller explained. “I decided to create this group so that members can create peace on earth.”

With all the negativity and bad news in the world, Mayor Max spreads peace, love and kindness. We should all learn a lesson or two from Mayor Max.