Stevie Davis and Jennifer Muir have spent most of their adult lives in the restaurant business. They’ve worked their way from working at other restaurants to owning their own catering company. Now, they have taken the next step — opening their own restaurant.

While they are only in the beginning of this grand adventure, they have bigger ideas and creations for the future. After signing the lease just before COVID-19 hit, Davis and Muir were in the same boat as many, delayed and unable to open. The silver lining is that it gave them more time to prepare and explore how to make their dreams a reality.

Stevie’s Hungry Habit and Thirsty Rabbit is now open.

Davis attended culinary school at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, gaining knowledge and skills while working his way up in many restaurants over the years.

Muir has been inventing unique and tasty drinks while being a manager and bartender at restaurants throughout the state.

Between the two, they are a perfect team to create quality food and drinks with an atmosphere to match.

“Our goal is to provide quality food at a price point everyone can afford,” Muir said. “All of our food is fresh and made from scratch with no preservatives.”

With the help of Marisa Kesler (head baker) and Cheyne Odil (demi chef), Davis (chef) and Muir (mixologist) have been able to open the doors of Stevie’s Hungry Habit and Thirsty Rabbit.

“We are using as much organic and non-GMO food as possible,” Davis said. “We also have a 20% discount for locals.”

By early next year, Davis and Muir are planning to open the bar with a full liquor license and full dinner menu.

“We started this restaurant with $2,000 and we’ve made it happen,” Davis said. “We have been afforded the time to make it the way we wanted with décor and we’ve hired local people to do the major electrical and plumbing work. It’s all been Idyllwild done.”

Stevie’s Hungry Habit and Thirsty Rabbit is looking for a bakery and deli manager as well as a kitchen manager. Davis and Muir are now offering gourmet cheeses and meats in their deli but need more staff to make it as successful as possible.

“We will slice cheese to order and we are getting a lot of imported cheeses and dried meats,” Davis said.

In the long run, Davis and Muir want to offer a unique, nighttime dining experience with entertainment when they are allowed by county health and state regulations to do so. They have an early 1900s Franklin piano ready to be played but look forward to bringing talented artists in to perform.

Currently, Stevie’s Hungry Habit and Thirsty Rabbit’s kitchen is open Wednesday through Sunday 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Bakery and deli items as well as coffee drinks are available until 5:30 p.m.

“We want people to enjoy their time here and we want it to be good, clean food and drinks,” Muir said. “Once the bar opens, our juices will be fresh-squeezed and we will make handmade syrups.”

They say everything tastes better when it’s made by someone who cares about you. So, that is exactly what Davis and Muir want to provide.

“The pure intention is to make the food and drinks with love,” Davis said. “You can taste the difference when the food is made with love and good intentions.”

Muir added, “We want people to try something new and different that maybe they wouldn’t be able to try anywhere else. We are also open to comments and suggestions from the community.”

So far, Davis and Muir have been selling out of their food. However, due to their food not having preservatives, creating a short shelf life, Davis and Muir plan to start a donation program with the Idyllwild HELP Center and other nonprofit organizations if they have leftover food.

“The support we’ve had from the community has been phenomenal and overwhelming so far,” Davis said. “We are grateful for their support. The people in the community have stepped up and it means a lot to us.”

Some have wondered how Davis and Muir came up with their name.
They held a community questionnaire on Facebook asking for suggestions. Linda Lauderbaugh suggested Hungry Habit and the Thirsty Rabbit, which became the most popular choice and ultimately what Davis and Muir chose to use.

All of the coffee is supplied by locals Chris and Katie Bayer of Black Mountain Coffee Roasting.

“We are very community driven,” Davis said. “We want to stay as local as possible with everything.”

The restaurant will be evolving and changing as Davis and Muir adjust to their new business. Delivery is also available for those who don’t want to venture out.

Stevie’s Hungry Habit and Thirsty Rabbit is located at 54200 N. Circle Dr. It can be found on Facebook and Instagram and a website is in the works.
Stop in and try Stevie’s Hungry Habit and Thirsty Rabbit. They’re open and ready to serve you food and drinks made with love.