Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the cats talked about how new dogs and cats come to ARF.

Whiskers: Hey! Everyone come here. I have news.
Pepper: Have you been adopted?
Whiskers: No, but that’s OK because I’m pretty happy here.
Pepper: What is the news? We’re all here.
Whiskers: There is a new cat here. His name is Ivan.
Pepper: Are we going to meet him?
Whiskers: Of course. He’s right here!
Ivan: Good morning! I’m Ivan and I’m so relieved to be here, safe and sound.
Whiskers: Welcome! Please tell us more about yourself.
Ivan: As you can see, I’m a tabby. I’m also very friendly.
Whiskers: And you’re pretty big, too.
Ivan: Big, but I am gentle. The vet guesses I’m somewhere between 3 and 5 years old.
Sadie: I think you’ll find a forever home pretty quickly. ARF humans are so happy with how friendly you are to all humans.
Ivan: I like them, I admit. I would love a home where I will get the love and attention I really want and need.
Lulu: I think we all want that.
Pepper: I hope some humans call to make an appointment to meet you soon.
Whiskers: They won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure.
Lulu: Your size is good, too. I doubt you’ll be stepped on!
Sadie: (whispering to Lulu) And he’s not overweight. He’s just big.
Lulu: Our humans will be checking the phone for people wanting appointments.
Whiskers: I hope there are lots of messages and lots of humans coming to meet all of us.
Pepper: My toes, legs and eyes are crossed!!
Ivan: Ha! You are funny, Pepper.
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