by Riverside County

The County of Riverside launched a survey to hear from residents living in unincorporated areas about the services and programs that are most in need. The unincorporated communities initiative recognizes that building strong community well-being requires critical services and infrastructure.

The survey will be online until March 31 and is also available in Spanish. The results will focus on underserved areas to prioritize projects and services for future budget cycles, starting with the next fiscal year budget that begins on July 1.

“Some of our most underserved communities are those areas that fall within the jurisdiction of the county for their most basic of services,” said Supervisor Kevin Jeffries, 1st District. “We have an opportunity to make changes that can greatly impact the daily lives of our residents. It’s our duty to hear from them about what the greatest needs truly are and prioritize those projects for funding.”

An unincorporated area is a geographic community that is not within the jurisdictional boundaries of a city, and as a result, is governed at the county level.

The types of services and needs that will be prioritized will be those that improve quality of life for residents and could range from improved utilities and roads to social services and public protection.

For more information and to take the online survey, visit