Miss Kitty

Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the cats discussed keeping dogs comfortable and safe in hot summer weather.
Pepper: After talking about summer heat dangers for dogs and cats the last two weeks, I’m beginning to think I should just stay home during the heat of the day.
Whiskers: That is really a good idea. Besides the dangers associated with overheating, there is also the added danger of rattlesnakes.
Pepper: Oh man, they scare me!
Miss Kitty: Did you know that dogs are able to get a rattlesnake vaccination that helps buy them time to get to a vet should they be bitten by one of those rattlers?
Pepper: That could be a good precaution. Pet guardians should also know the signs of overheating in dogs and cats.
Stevie: They hopefully know those symptoms include excessive panting or difficulty breathing, increased heart and respiratory rate, drooling, mild weakness, stupor or even collapse. Symptoms can also include seizures, bloody diarrhea and vomit along with an elevated body temperature of over 104 degrees.
Shorty: They should also know that animals with flat faces, like Pugs and Persian cats, are more susceptible to heat stroke since they cannot pant as effectively. These pets, along with pets who are elderly, overweight, and those with heart or lung diseases, should be kept cool in air-conditioned rooms as much as possible.
Miss Kitty: That is a lot to know. Goes to show you that being a pet guardian entails a lot of responsibility.
Stevie: I imagine that because pets are usually considered to be members of the family, their care is a given.
Miss Kitty: One other important thing to know is that not all dogs are natural swimmers. Some must be taught how to doggy paddle! Care must be taken with dogs around bodies of water.
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